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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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life. >> jasmine abuslin talks today about her settlement with the city of oakland. the president has the world on edge as he decides whether or not he will pull out of the paris climate agreement. how california and countries around the world plan to continue their fight. a frightening scene on top of the bay bridge. >> it was brutal. >> why a man climbed on to the center anchorage and the mess he created. it was a traffic backup that extended for miles from the bay bridge toll plaza through the macarthur maze, it was caused by a man that got out of his truck on the bridge. he climbed on to one of the anchors of the bridge, causing two lanes of the westbound span
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to be shut down, thankfully first responders were able to talk him down. how is the traffic now? >> reporter: they are still feeling the effects from that earlier incident. it's slow going across the bay bridge, many drivers did not know what was trying up traffic. when they found out that the man was thinking about jumping, they were worried but it causes questions of security. california highway patrol shut down two lanes and first responders tried for two hours to get him down. the man, driving a red truck had run out of gas, a bridge worker spotted his vehicle and pulled over to help. >> the driver climbed up a ladder and was sitting on top of the anchorage. >> reporter: california highway patrol called in crisis negotiators who were able to
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convince him to surrender but the impact on traffic was devastating. the commute from the east bay into san francisco took forever. this man drove from pittsburg. >> it was brutal. >> reporter: the commute from oakland, one hour, danville, two and a half hours. >> i left at 11:00 for my 12:00 meeting and i am late. >> reporter: the incident highlights security concerns for some bay area drivers, last may, two people slipped away and got out on the bridge. it causes people to wonder. >> i would think that the security threat would be higher after what happened in england. >> reporter: california highway patrol assures the public that the bridge is monitored around  the clock and outfitted with security cameras, the man was taken to san francisco general
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hospital for a mental evaluation and drug testing. >> glad they were able to negotiate with him and get him to come down. we have more traffic troubles to tell you about in the east bay. a big rig overturned on the connector ramp on 880, the connector is still shut down four hours later. that's causing major traffic back ups in the north bound direction of 880. a nearby kal transbuilding has been evacuated because of the chemical leak. jasmine abuslin, the woman at the center of the police section exploitation scandals spoke out hours after oakland leaders agreed to pay her a million dollars to settle her
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claim against the city. >> reporter: she said she wants to move ahead with her life and put the past behind her. she spoke about being exploited by police officers, earlier this morning, the oakland city council agreed to pay her $989,000 to settle her claim. she was a former teen prostitute who went by the name of celeste guap. today she expressed relief. she said she wants to go back back to school. >> i am happy that i can close this chapter and move on with my life, it's taken it's toll on me. >> reporter: police officers have been charged with crimes and earlier this month she testified against former oakland police officer brian bunton and he was ordered to
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stand trial. she said that the police chief knew about the abuse and did nothing. he and two other chiefs stepped down. jasmine abuslin has also filed claims against the cities of roich monday and livermore and san francisco for miscontact by deputies there. those claims are still pending. >> it's going to be interesting to see how those claims are settled. >> we are joined by jasmine abuslin's attorney. originally the lawsuit was seeking $66 million. how did you get to the $1 million mark. >> it's part of the negotiations, which are privileged but i never thought at the beginning that this was a $66 million case, i thought that was overstatement.
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but from my point of view, when we got into the case and started to look at the various facts and issues, we developed a more realistic approach as to what the case was, what the liabilities and the potential damages were. >> why is this a million dollars case. >> it's a million dollars case because we settled for a million dollars. but in terms of oakland, our point of view was, these were oakland officers, some of whom were onduty when they engaged in the conduct with her and the department had a responsibility for its officers when they engaged in this conduct on the job. some of it was in the department. there was a ses pool that existed within the department in terms of other officers being involved. when you pull the covers off this thing, there was a number
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of oakland officers involved in this. it was not in the best interest of policing, it's terrible policing that you have officers sworn to uphold the law breaking the lay, it seems with immunitily. part of this issue is being able to look and hold officers accountable became central to this question. >> talk to me about the other cases, the pending legal claims, where do those stand and how are negotiations going on that and do you expect this to set a precedent. >> we have a number of claims that have been filed. they were filed by the previous lawyer, in my view, they are different cases and different levels of involvement by the officers, they have to be evaluated based upon the facts and the evidence in those
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cases, this case nafts -- in and of itself presented a certain level of facts. that's the function of each individual case and the level of involvement with the officers in the department. >> i wanted to talk to you about some of the criticism. there are two versions of jasmine abuslin, the one that comes before the media and the other on social media. what do you say to those people that say, she's laughing all the way to the bank on this. >> she's not laughing all the way to the bank, she had a difficult childhood. i think that this helps her get started in a positive life. but i do not believe in any way that she's laughing towards the bank, i have had a chance to
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get to know her, she's a nice young lady but she has work to do in terms of putting herself on the right track and developing skills, she loves animals, we want to get her into an environment where she can take care of herself. the responsibility here lies with the police officers, they all engaged in illegal acts. she was not the bad person, they were the bad people. that's the reason why oakland is paying. >> thank you, john. today was the first day of deliberations for antolin garcia-torres. he was convicted of murder even though sierra lamar's body was never found. prosecutors said her disappearance points to the
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horrible nature of the crime. defense attorneys say he should not be put to death if there is no body. >> this is not a complicated factual question but it's a complex moral question that the jury has to decide. >> if the jury returns a death penalty verdict, the judge can overrule them and give a life sentence. jury deliberations continue in the murder case for the beating of michael tyree, his body was discovered in a jail cell. if convicted, three deputies could spend the rest of their lives in prison. investigators say a man shot and killed by officers in
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vacaville monday was not armed. the shooting happened after a vehicle pursuit. the car that the man was driving was reported stolen, investigators are reviewing video interest dash mounted cameras to see what led to the shooting. police said a san jose state student who reported building kidnapped admitted that she made up the story. she said she was taken from her apartment in san jose and forced to drive hundreds of miles to oregon. she said she managed to escape after the car ran out of gas, yesterday she recanted her story, there is no word on why she made it up. a tweet from president donald trump has a lot of people asking what a word is. but the white house press secretary said, while most of us were confused, the president
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knows exactly what that means. a lithium battery in a laptop catches fire, we have details coming up. >> right now we are tracking another round of fog, the inland areas could be approaching the mid 80s >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. frightening moments on a jet blue flight bound for san francisco. it was heading from new york city to sfo but it was forced to make an unscheduled landing after a passengers' laptop caught fire. the plane arrived in the bay area three hours late. >> reporter: the plane made an unscheduled landing in michigan. we have video of the plane on the tarmac in michigan.
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it was scheduled to go from new york to san francisco but an hour into the flight, passengers saw and smelled smoke. a battery for a laptop computer was smoking. fire crews responded to the fire on board the plane and it was extinguished by the time the plane landed. then the passengers were on their way, passengers said that the flight crew handled the incident professionally. >> it was scary to see smoke on the plane at 35,000 feet. we heard an announcement and looked back and people were standing up. there was smoke. >> we have guidelines to pass
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on from the faa regarding those batteries, they are okay to bring on board in computers and electronic devices in your carry on luggage. it's also okay to accepted them in your checked luggage if they are in a device but the faa has a ban on spare batteries in checked luggage. the passengers said they were tired but in good spirits. it was a long trip from jfk to sfo. thank you. the bay area air quality management district took a step towards becoming the first board in the nation to cap green house gases from oil refineries, the new rules may be needed to prevent a increase
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in pollution if refineries switch to dirtier sources. >> your decision today will effect our health for a generation or more, crucially the mortality impact will be severe for lower income families of color. >> oil industry representatives and refinery workers oppose the cap, they said it could hurt them financially and limit production at the plant. the gray skies have given away to sunshine. mark is in the weather center. >> we could thank a weak system that moved in overnight producing a few sprinkles and light showers. this is our san jose camera, it's amazing how quickly those hills are drying up. on the satellite and radar, we have green from this morning.
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going back 12 hours, you see the system moving across the bay area and heading out to the east. the fog is ails coming in, there is a fog bank near the coast surging into the bay, that's going to be a factor tomorrow morning for the commute. lets check in on the current numbers. 59 in half moon bay, 70s in napa, walnut creek and livermore. here's our live camera looking towards the bay bridge towards san francisco. we have a bit of an onshore breeze. what will happen, we are going to have warming air above our heads that is going to squash the marine layer near the coast line, temperatures inland, we are expecting a nice warm up towards the weekend.
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overnight lows, 50s and clear skies towards livermore and antioch. some fog around the bay. thursday morning, the temperature range is going to be 60 coast side and inland back up to the 80s. eventually we have mid 80s in the five-day forecast, we have more in a few minutes. more than 150 education advocates wept to the capitol to talk about education funding. they took three buses, one of the main issues that they plan to address is the outdated formula that the state ices to allocate money, students are hoping to get more resources at their schools. >> the expansion of the elective programs, at our school, we have electives like band and art but i feel like we
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can add things like language, like spanish or french. >> the trip is organized organized by the silicon valley education foundation. >> uber's ambitious plan, coming up >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. yesterday uber fired the engineer at the center of its legal battle with another self- driving car company. uber said that he failed to cooperate in a lawsuit. it's complicated. for more i am joined by tim higgins. what do we know about the firing that took place. >> uber was under pressure from
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the judge, saying, you have to push this guy to talk, he cannot hide behind the fifth amendment. you need to pressure him to quit or make him talk. >> uber had it's own internal investigation as to what he may have brought over from the other company. >> they allege that he took records on his way out. but uber is saying, we do not know, he will not share it with us, i have seen the deposition, he invoked his fifth amendment 400 times. >> this internal investigation by uber, does that indicate that maybe he did take the information from the other company. >> they are separating from him so you judge will not come down
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hard on uber. the judge said, you need to get this guy to talk. >> so does this clear uber from this lawsuit now that he is gone and does it shift the focus over to him. >> google has been arguing that there is been a scheme to use the information that he took. uber will have to defend itself, it's going to trial in october. they have to defend themselves against the idea that they enticed him to come with the information he stole, to build out their self-driving unit. >> so the information that he may have taken from google to uber, what do they think he might have taken. >> he was an expert in the hardware needed for self- driving cars, the laser sensor. he spent a lot of years developing that for google and
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google has accused uber of jump starting its program with that information. uber has denied it saying that they are developing their own technology. >> when you have a employee going from a company like google to uber, who owns the technology. >> typically, if you are an employee of the company, the company owns what is going on there. one of the nuances is that the employee had a number of sued businesses while he was at google and he was developing some technology alongside of that. it would appear that google allowed him to do that, they bought some of the things he created. enriching him that way, so it's an example of how he started other companies, those
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companies, they alleged, were the guts of a company called otto which uber brawts to start their self-driving dis-- bought to start their self-driving business. >> could there be any criminal charges in this? >> it's unusual for a judge in this thing to say, i think that the attorney general's office should look into it but that's what happened, he has suggested to the doj that they should look at what is going on here. >> thank you, tim, we appreciate it. we are going to talk about what is going on in the world of president donald trump, when we come back >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break t afte
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day.
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the united states is many other governments are condemning a suicide bombing that killed 80 people in afghanistan. the truck bomb was so powerful it left a crater 16 feet deep. no group has claimed responsibility for the blast, both isis and the taliban have launched attacks in afghanistan. >> the taliban own more territory in afghanistan since 2001 when we got there. >> the united states began drawing down fourses there during the obama administration. former fbi director james comey is set to testify next
4:30 pm
week in front of the senate intelligence committee about accusations that president donald trump tried to get him to stop investigating the russia collusion. joel has more from washington. >> reporter: president donald trump welcomed the prime minister of vietnam to the white house as his administration tries to figure out what to do about north korea. the talks came a day after the united states military said they successfully intercepting a mock intercontinental ballistic missile. president donald trump clearly was looking to our ally in asia to help with north korea. also on the president's agenda,
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a troubling domestic issue, the secretary of veterans affairs said his agency is in critical condition. the secretary also asked if veterans can be allowed to get treatment from private sector doctors and hospitals. >> what he has told me is that it's important that we be open and candid and transparent about where the problems are. >> reporter: in the meantime, the white house responded to president donald trump's cryptic tweet. >> should we worry that the president posted an incoherent tweet? >> no. >> why did it stay up for so long. >> the president and a small group of people know what he meant. >> reporter: senior united states officials indicated that president donald trump is set to pull out of the paris
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climate agreement. thank you, joel. cnn announced today that it has fired kathy griffin after she posted this photo with a fake head that looks like president donald trump. she has hosted a news show on new years eve for several years on the network. the secret service also responded and posted that they have a division to evaluate social media threats. all right, for more on the political ramifications, i am joined by our political analysts. brian, this is the first time since president donald trump was elected that both sides agree that kathy griffin went too far. >> it was repugnant. it's one of those things that
4:33 pm
went way over the line. if any other human being had been posed in the same way by anybody else, they would have suffered the same consequences. >> one of the big issues the president is facing is whether or not to pull out of the paris accord. he said it's going to happen soon but we are hearing that he probably will pull out. what do you think and what does that mean. >> right now there is a battle in the white house as to whether or not you pull out or stay in. you have people like secretary of state rex tillerson and others saying, stay in, ice you leave the table. others in the administration are saying, you told your abase you were going to pull out so you have to do that. there is a real battle going on. we know from the past with trump that he sometimes will pull back from a decision that he has announced in one direction and go into a different direction. >> he often waits until the last minute to make a decision.
4:34 pm
>> yes. all of the stuff with the press corps, they never know what they are going to be talking about that day, that's baw this president does not contemplate things the way other presidents have. >> governor brown said he is prussing ahead with climate change even in washington is not. in practical terms, what does the president pulling out of the accord mean. there is only syria, nicaragua and the united states not part of this deal. >> it means that the united states cedes the leadership role to another country. for the problems for the agreement from the president's
4:35 pm
perspective, he should stay in. >> it sounds like the white house has settled on a straj injury on how to deal with the russia investigation, they are pointing to the president's personal attorney and saying, you have to talk to him to find out about the investigation and he is not saying anything, now you have jared kushner at the center and he is not saying anything, so the drip, drip, drip will continue. but we are not going to hear from the president. >> i do not think so. they have made the decision to either allow the drip, drip, drip, or to watch the official investigations go forward but at some point, someone has to start to bring real evidence out that suggests something. everything else right now is
4:36 pm
innuendo or something else. was there wrongdoing? they have to get to that quickly. >> back chapels, before you are in the administration. >> when administrations come on and they know that they have been elected, they have reached out. >> okay. thank you. all right, i do not know about you but i am excited. the warriors getting ready for a historic third straight nba playoff. we look at the golden state dynasty, is it too early for the word dynasty? >> we have stubborn fog making a comeback, what that means for your thursday forecast and we highlight the warmest day of the weekend >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break ♪
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for steakhouse quality results right in your back yard.
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>> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break . welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. if you are a warriors fan, they may be the longest nine days ever. >> nine days in between serious. there is -- series. but now lets talk about a die and a halfy, it means a sequence of rulers from the same stock or group. it's a term thrown around in
4:40 pm
sports but only if you do a lot of winning prsm this was the greeting warriors fans gave the owner on the night that the team retired mullin s' jerry number. a few years later, he was the toast of the town. one of the most exciting teams in professional sports had won their first championship in years, they had gone from the bottom to the top. it's happened before, multiple times in the bay area, few would have thought that the giants would win three world series titles in five years, the bay area's most consistent team with in the 80s and 90s. before that, inept management
4:41 pm
under joe thomas. the former 49ers president. >> normally the victory comes after a lot of previous disappointments. >> same could be said of the a's eight years after a season in which they lost 108 times and drew fewer than 4,000 fans per game. so what kaings. >> i have worked for 10 sports franchises. -- changes. >> i have worked for 10 sports fran -- franchises, walter is the best. >> it starts at the top, then what. >> reporter: how about hiring someone with great credentials as a player and an executive.
4:42 pm
>> i look at players differently than most people. competitive people with skills are the ones i am attacked to. the ones that have a little dog in them. that do not want to lose, they will prevail. >> hiring is one thing, then they have to listen. >> clay thompson, jerry west is saying, you are not making that move. >> reporter: obtaining talented players is an obvious part but it goes deeper than that. >> when you are a third or fourth round draft pick coming to the 49ers and you see jerry rice working out the way he worked out, coming to practice early. catching balls when he was not on the field, when you saw their workouts, you shape up
4:43 pm
and get yours ready. >> when you have those players. >> you have to have good guys, guys that like each other and tolerate a long season and tolerate the ups and downs of the season. i would say that almost all of these teams had those qualities. >> the maddening part of professional sports is, you cannot write something ona board and say give me the trophy, a lot of smart people own these teams and cannot make it happen but those that understand leadership, management and teamwork, where you sub sublimate your own ego and you have a strategic vision. >> unless you have the brightest, the strongest and the fastest and the most
4:44 pm
committed individuals with character, heart and drive, you do not make it to the top. >> reporter: as difficult as it is to define highway to build a consistent winning organization, there is common traits but to be a dynasty, you have to do it year after year. >> when i look at the warriors team i see unique features that tell me, they are noam on the right track but they can stay on that track for a while. they have bought into the concept that a championship is earned and won by a team. >> i have never felt that people who go out and talk about how good they are are not that good. let your body of work be judged by your peers. >> we can entertain thoughts of a dynasty at the end of a
4:45 pm
decade. you cannot just win one, you have to win a bunch before i use that word. >> you go to many different locker rooms, there is a difference that you can feel. the environment is almost toxic in the ones that are losing but if they are winning, it's infectious and it starts at the top. >> it starts with enlightened ownership. when you are winning, everyone is happy, winning builds chemistry. sometimes you can win despite chemistry but what i have seen on the warriors and other successful teams in the bay area, is buying into that concept that i do not want to let these guys around me down. that's the thing to accomplish as a team, way over personal goals. it's a clichi in sports but it
4:46 pm
it's true. >> all right, it's going to be a good game tomorrow night. >> lets check with mark and the weather. we have a nice forecast, wrapping up may talking about rainfall in the bay area, showers late last night into this morning. san rafael, mostly clear skies in marin county, look at these rain fall totals. unusual for this time of year, just .1 inches in napa, morgan hill, .04. you can see the green moving across northern cat foreign. right now we have fog, clear skies for portions of the area this morning. the fog bank is hugging the shoreline and some patches are working their way back into the
4:47 pm
san francisco bay, right now san francisco lower 60s, lots of 70s, we are warming things up compared to yesterday inland. concord, walnut creek and livermore, 75 degrees, here is the live camera looking towards the san francisco bay, i can see the chop on the water and the fog. a few days ago, the marine layer was deep and the cloud deck was here, is being compressed now. the coast, cool conditions with lingering fog out there. here we are in san francisco. 54 to start out your thursday, by 12:00, a sun and clouds mix. as you go towards golden gate park, overcast. by 3:00, partly sunny and breezy, temperatures in the mid 60s, 65 degrees, this area is high pressure is trying to
4:48 pm
build in. 60s for the coast. inland, 70s to 80 degrees for your thursday and then into friday and saturday, we hold on to this warming weather inland. 80s there, mid 80s and patchy fog in parts of the shoreline, sunday a drop in the temperatures for everyone across the bay area, probably some more clouds as well. the forecast model is showing you clouds near the coast and patchy fog over the bay, clouds back to the shoreline, upper 50s and 60 coast side. temperatures in the upper 70s to the lower 80s for your thursday afternoon. look at the highs for tomorrow. a few 80s for santa rosa and vacaville. around the rim of the bay, temperatures near 70 degrees, inland, upper 70s to the lower
4:49 pm
80s. these forecast highs around 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. by the coast, lower 60s, here is the five-day forecast. we are warming up inland towards june. saturday is the warmest day coming up inland. we cool off sunday and maybe a spike in the numbers just in time for back to work on monday. >> as long as the weekend is sunny, we are happy. >> it's fitting, we are talking about fog for the end of june. >> thank you. frank is joining us now with a look at the stories we are working on for ktvu fox news at 5:00. >> the woman at the center of the oakland police sex scandal settled her claim for nearly a million dollars. tonight at 5:00, hear from the woman who said that police
4:50 pm
officers exploited her. >> also a hateful message left for le bron james, instead of talking about basketball, he is opening up about race in america. vandals targeted his home in los angeles, tonight at 5:00, hear the response. >> next, nasa is going on a mission, the probe heading to the sun >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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. nasa today unveiled new details on a mission unlike any
4:53 pm
other. >> reporter: nas had a has plans for its first mission to the sun. the probe will fly within 4 million miles of the earth's surface, it will be subjected to heat and radiation. >> the solar flares are going to be very holt. we are going to be moving at blistering temperatures. >> reporter: the mission will help scientists learn more about the sun and why stars formed. it will also help them predict solar flares in storms. there are concerns that such storms could knock out satellites on earth. >> we are going to get information to allow us to forecast how earth responds to the sun.
4:54 pm
we will be able to better predict space weather. >> the parker solar probe is named after eugena parker. >> i am greatly honored to be associated with such a heroic scientific space in addition. >> reporter: nasa is calling it a mission to touch the sun, it's scheduled for launch in the summer of twoin 18. coming up, how one gym is helping people with a chronic illness through boxing lessons >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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4:57 pm
in santa barbara some people with parkinson's are fighting the battle in the boxing ring and some patients are making real progress. truck at this rock steady auxin class at paragon academy, people with parkinson's are heading back at the disease. many have been boxing here for nearly a year. >> one cut -- 1, 2, 3, >> reporter: students were videotaped at the beginning of their training. >> we do a video of their initial balance test. it is amazing to see in just a
4:58 pm
few months how for they come. >> reporter: take a look at carl trying to walk this line. his hand shakes, he throws his arms overhead to stay upright. and look at him now several months later. totally at ease and steadily putting one foot in front of the other. his hand stays by his side and trembles far less noticeably. in his initial assessment, he struggles to lift his leg over a still. he eventually does but can't bring his back leg over. flashforward several months and here he is. easily stepping over the stool without assistance or hesitation. coach angie gets emotional when she sees the videos side by side. >> i have not seen the videos cents we shot them. to watch them and reshoot them, i was crying.
4:59 pm
it was really amazing. >> reporter: she says her students are also standing taller and are more confident. >> i think the most amazing thing that we have seen is just how happy they are. >> reporter: at paragon academy, in santa barbara i'm alicia martinez. ktvu fox 2 at five starts now. a man on top of the bay bridge ranks traffic to a standstill. we find out how he got there and look at the backup created. i'm heather holmes.>> and i'm frank sommerville. the man was threatening to jump. the chp closed the left two lanes closing a massive backup that stretched for miles into oakland, emeryville, berkeley, and beyond. this is the bay bridge backup.
5:00 pm
fortunately first responders were able to talk the man down. tara moriarty is here now. what we know about the situation?>> reporter: the traffic is still moving at a snails pace. we are definitely feeling the residual effects of earlier today. as you take a look behind me you can see the cars are moving very slowly across the bay bridge. many drivers did not know what was tying up traffic. when they found out that a man was thinking about jumping from the bridge they were sympathetic but it does raise concerns about security. >> reporter: at 1030 this morning a man went to jump from the a bridge. the chp shutdown two lanes and try to coax him down. >> he indicated that if we climbed up there he would jump off the bridge.>> a truck was on the side


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